Time Tracking

Time Tracking

OpenhHR Presence will help timekeeping in your company

Comply with legal requirements without having to install any physical presence control, or continue to use the one you already have in your company

At OpenHR we know that every company needs  different solutions to manage the presence of its employees. Even moreso,  a company may  need more than one system.

The sales department does not have the same problem as the administration, shop, or another department. Therefore, at OpenHR we have created a solution pack that allows the company to adapt to the particularities of each department without needing an outdated fingerprint device.

The best technological solution for your company. In the cloud, you only need software that does not require installation.

Take your business to the next level of digital transformation with a significant increase in productivity

What does OpenHR Presence offer?

  • Sign in from your computer.

  • Sign in from our mobile.

  • Automatic calculation

  • Time control through Kiosks

  • -Import from task control

  • Import from your biometric control

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