The first few weeks in a company are crucial to ensuring that employees who join the company understand how it works and become more effective members. This is essential to promote long-term employee loyalty and enhance the employer branding of our company. The ONBOARDING module offers hiring managers and directors a guide to manage this critical initial phase and subsequent follow-up in a manner.

For this we have prepared our software, and a welcome model for the employee. Our model focuses on both PRESENTIAL ONBOARDING and REMOTE ONBOARDING.

Our scheme:

  • Plan Before the first day.

  • Start-up: During the first day.

  • Verify: After the first week of work.

  • Act: After 4 to 8 weeks of work.

With our software :

  • Allow the new employee to read and sign the standard operating procedures

  • Request: permissions, keys, passwords including keys or access cards in case of presentials working hours to access the facilities of the company or building. 

  • Provide devices with acknowledgement of receipt.

  • Share the company's organization chart. Know the organization organigram.

  • Make a welcome pack.

  • Initial training. Develop a training program.

  • Informing the new employee through OpenHR's internal communication.

  • Internal regulation procedures; absences and leaves. and any other relevant procedure

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