OpenHR launches Expedite, an initiative for small and medium businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

Being aware of the importance of adapting the business model to new systems to face the coronavirus emergency, OpenHR joins the different proposals launched by different companies (including the government) with the idea of supporting businesses to adapt their technologies to the current employment situation.

In this sense, we launched Expedite, an initiative specifically aimed at companies between 50 and 250 employees, to help in the digital transformation that all companies must undertake with the aim of adapting the work model of organizations to the telework system.

Consequently, we made available to small and medium companies our Employee Management software, based on an Internal Communication that involves the entire company: employees, managers, area managers and executives. Following this idea, we have created a service full of smart time-saving features that will include several of the modules available in OpenHR software.

Implementation and start-up in 4 days of Human Resources Management software. With our advanced training system (OpenHR Training Path), the client will be able to use the available resources in just 4 days.

The services we offer will not require any complementary external system as it is completely cloud.

Digitise Document Management and integrated digital signature. Continue to  process the documents that the organization requires, creating an online request and documentation traffic segmented by departments.

Avoid duplication by integrating the client's payroll program. No need to change the payroll program that your company is currently using.

Keep time management from any location and device. Companies need a system that helps them now that the people are away from their workplace.Make sure employees work more effectively from home. OpenHR's Time services ensure your team can continue to monitor worker activity now that they are so far away.

Keep in touch with your employees individually, by groups or departments, and also by locations. Allow internal communication to flow quickly and efficiently with OpenHR Internal Communication Module.

To make it easier for those companies that are interested, costs will not have to be assumed until May 30.

Together we will help make the path to the goal as smooth as possible.

Please fill out the form for further information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible: 

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