GMIntegra, expert consultant in Human Resources Management and specialist in implementing solutions of SAGE Laboral, signs with OpenHR to offer its clients a solution in employee management.

GM Integra (part of Securex Group), a Human Resources consultant with more than thirty years of experience in the market, reaches an agreement with OpenHR through which it intends to boost the Management of Human Resources of its current and potential clients. The consulting firm, specialized in the implementation of services such as the Employee Portal in SAGE environments, thus becomes OpenHR's Partner.

GMIntegra's experience in SAGE products and OpenHR cloud technology come together in a project that aims to jointly offer payroll and Human Resources services to companies and labour consultancies. In this way, the two companies intend to create a specific Human Resources solution for organizations that offer SAGE Labor to their users. The best of both sectors for customers and distributors of the British multinational.

José Juan Martín, CEO of OpenHR, wanted to make clear the turning point of this agreement for the organization, says: “From now on, companies that require it, will be able to obtain a complete Human Resources Management service thanks to the backing of companies of recognized prestige ”.

Besides, OpenHR makes available to those companies that require it (even those that have not yet enabled any of the previous technologies) a channel through which they can directly request more information about the organization's software products.

About Securex and GM Integra